Finalize content - Cloud


As an editor, your role is to finalize the content for the topic. You do this by accepting or rejecting the suggestions made by the reviewers, and making any other changes that are needed.

Partially complete the edit

In quick-editing mode you can open the topic and partially complete the edit and then close the topic. When you close the topic, you will not be allowed to save, but any work you have completed is "remembered". You can continue your editing tasks the next time you open the topic.

Note: If you close the topic without saving, any other changes to content outside of accepting or rejecting suggestions are lost.

If you plan to make any changes of your own to a topic, make sure to act first on all reviewer suggestions. Doing so enables you to save the topic as well as your own edits.

Complete the edit and save the topic

When all of the changes have been accepted or rejected, save the topic. All changes that were accepted during the edit stage are combined to create an updated version of the topic.

Multiple Comments for a Topic

When you save the topic, quick-editing mode prompts you to select a release state and to add an optional comment. The default release state in the Save Topic window reflects the Next state setting in the review form. Use the default state to continue with the review path already defined for the content, or select a different state. For example, make the topic available for release rather than pushing it to the next review cycle.

Next State in Review Form and Live