Delete a review - Cloud


You can delete a review at any time prior to its scheduled start time.

Note: After the scheduled start time, the Delete option is no longer available and you must use the Cancel option to remove the review.

To delete a review:

  1. On the Contents pane, select the book to delete.
  2. Go to Review > Delete.
  3. Click Yes in the confirmation message.

What is the difference between Delete and Cancel?

Because a Delete is carried out before the review initiates, there are no software implications. The review is simply removed.

Cancel requires some software reconfiguration before the review is removed. You need to move the affected topics into a different release state. This is included in their history.

What happens when a review is deleted?

When the review is deleted, it is removed from the initiator's Contents pane. Any notifications that were created for this review disappear from the news feed page.

Important: When you delete a review, any topics in the Review release state need to be manually changed to a different release state.

Who can delete a review?

The review initiator is the only person who can delete a review that he or she created.