Configure the review form - Cloud


Use the Review Form to specify the parameters for a review.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Starting a new Review

Note: The size of your library can impact the loading time for several fields in the form.

To configure the review form:

  1. Choose a Collaboration or Approval review type. Certain fields are not available in the Approval review type.
  2. Select a book by using the predictive selector, the alphabetical list, or the Book Selector dialog.
  3. Select the release states to define the review work flow. Release state setup may be slightly different for an Approval review.
  4. Select the Publish Profile to use for the preview.
  5. Select the Start and End dates for the review.
  6. Select Optional settings for the review for sending reminders to participants and automatically moving the topics to editorial.
  7. Select participants.

    Note: You need at least one Mandatory Editor and one Authorized Editor to participate in the review.

  8. Monitor the License Usage function to confirm sufficient licenses for the review.
  9. Save the Review Form.