Collaboration review cycles & phases - Cloud


Each Collaboration review cycle has two phases:

  • In the Review phase, reviewers digitally make suggestions to the topic content in the Reviews interface, and optionally discuss these suggestions in a discussion pane. The topic itself is in a read-only state, so its content is not updated in this phase.
  • In the Editorial phase, an editor accepts or rejects reviewer suggestions in either Reviews or in Author, and then saves the topic. At this point the topic content is updated. During the Editorial phase the editor can accept or reject some suggestions in a topic, leave the topic without saving, then return another time to complete the remaining updates.

When you leave a partially completed topic the topic remains in the review read-only state. Once all review comments are accepted or rejected, the topic review is marked as completed.

Topics go through a single review, or you can configure multiple review cycles to pass the topic through sequential reviews. For example, the topic may go through these reviews before it is ready for release:

Content review cycle > Technical review cycle > Legal review cycle > Release

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