Cancel a review - Cloud


You can cancel a Review that is in progress and is no longer required. Keep in mind that there are configuration requirements that must be met.

To cancel a review:

  1. Log in to Reviews.
  2. Select the book in review from the table of contents.
  3. Go to Review > Cancel.

    Cancel a Review Button

  4. In the Cancel Review window, select the release states applied to the topics for each review option.
  5. Click Cancel Review to continue.
  6. In the confirmation message, click Yes. When the action completes, the topics in the book move into the selected release states. There are several behaviors for the display:
    • The topics are no longer available to review for participants currently logged in to Reviews.
    • The review no longer displays in the contents pane for the review initiator and any participants who refresh Reviews or log in after the review has been canceled.

What requirements must be met to cancel a review?

When a review is in progress, the topics are in one of three review stages. When you cancel a review, you must assign new release states to topics currently in those review stages:

  • In the Review status, but no suggestions have been made (content that hasn't yet been reviewed)
  • In the Review status, with suggestions (content is currently being reviewed but has not been forwarded for editing)
  • In the Editorial status (content has been reviewed, passed on for editing, and is waiting to be completed by the editor)

The objects are either assigned release states that make them available in the library again, or they are moved to another review.

Note: To complete this action, you must have sufficient permissions to change release states. If you cannot complete the cancel review action, contact your library administrator to make sure you have permissions to move objects into the chosen release states.

A notification appears in the news feed page to advise all participants that the review has been canceled.

Who can cancel a review?

The review initiator can cancel the reviews that he or she created.

What is the difference between delete and cancel?

Cancel includes further configuration before the review is removed; the affected topics must be put into a different release state, and a History record is created. Because Delete is carried out before the review initiates, there are no software implications; the review can, in most cases, simply be deleted.