Automatically complete the review stage - Cloud


Configure these two options in the Review Form to push content to the editorial stage when the minimum selected number of mandatory reviewers have marked their topics as reviewed:

Note: In an Approval review, all reviewers are mandatory, and the option to select a minimum number of reviewers is disabled. All reviewers must complete their reviews before the topic can move to the next state.

  • Select the check box for "Move topic to editorial when minimum mandatory reviewers have completed their reviews". This option automates the process of moving the topic to the editorial stage.
  • Select the Minimum option in the drop-down list located under the list of mandatory reviewers. This sets the minimum number of reviewers who must complete the topic review.

Automatically Completing a Review

What happens if you don't configure these options?

If you don't set these options, then all reviewers must mark their topic as having been reviewed before that topic will be moved to the editorial stage.

If any reviewer fails to mark their topics as completed, an editor can choose to manually complete the review by pushing all remaining topics to the editorial stage.