Author editorial functionality - Cloud


People using Reviews can only make suggestions; they cannot make or save any changes that update the topic content. Topic content can only be changed in Author.

When you open a topic that is in the editorial state within the book editor, the Review Comments pane appears.

The Review Comments pane is used to accept or reject suggestions, and to make any other changes to the topic content:

  • When an editor opens a topic it is marked up with all the suggestions and notes from reviewers. These are visible as blue text highlights, underlines and strike through.
  • The complete of list of comments shows in the Review Comments pane.
  • When the editor clicks a comment in the topic, it is dark grey highlighted in the Review Comments pane. Every comment shows the complete discussion on the comment.
  • In case a comment is already accepted in Review, it is still shown, but the Accept and Reject button are not available for this comment anymore.
  • The editor accepts or rejects changes and disposes of notes.
  • As soon as the editor accepts or rejects a comment, the Accept and Reject button are replaced with the Revert button. The Revert button reverts the acceptance or rejection of the comment and allows you to accept or reject again.
  • The editor does not need to accept or reject all markups, but can leave some or all for later.
  • The editor can also make further changes to the content.
  • When the topic is saved, editorial changes are applied and saved to the topic.