Assign users or groups to roles for Reviews - Cloud


You may need to configure folder permissions for reviewer roles. The Folder Action Permissions affect the topics that review participants see in the Reviews table of contents pane.

Assign the folder permissions to users in the Author module's Folder Action Permissions screen.

Note: Your users need to have the correct license available and assigned to them in order to login to Reviews.

Permissions for folders

Permission for Read Objects only allows users to see a review; they cannot expand the book contents while the review is in progress.

Permission for List Objects allows a user to see a review and expand the book contents. If you are initiating a review, you must have a minimum of List Objects so you can view a book in the Review form's Book List.

To assign a user to a role for Reviews:

  1. Open the library in Author, then select Files > Folder Action Permissions


  2. Select either User or Group in the List Permissions For section.
  3. From the User/Group Name drop-down list, select the user or group you are assigning permissions to.
  4. Select a minimum of List Object and Read Object permissions for the user or group.