Assign release states for Reviews - Cloud


Before working with Reviews, users need sufficient permissions to view and work with the content they'll be reviewing and editing. They also need sufficient permissions to move the topics into and out of the associated release states. The release states Reviews uses in the review and editorial stages must be defined with the review types "Review" or "Editorial".

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Setting up release states for the Reviews workflow

Important: Your library's administrator configures these options in the Release States window. A minimum of List Objects, Read Objects, Change Out of State, and Change Into State permissions must be set for each participant in the review.


To classify a release state for a review:

  1. Open the Library in Author.
  2. From the main menu select File > Release States.
  3. Create the release states you use for your review cycles.

    Tip: Make sure you assign an object color to each release state. The object color allows you to quickly identify the objects in a specific release state.
    Review Color only applies when publishing a Word document for review; it's not part of the review process from the Reviews module.

  4. Click the review type column in the Release States window, in the row between the release state name and the Default Release state column to display the review type drop-down list.
  5. Select an option from the list, either Review or Editorial.

    Release States Review Types Drop-down List

  6. Right-click the release state and click Check Row to add or update the permissions.

    Release States for Review

  7. Save your changes.