Activation of reviewer-only users - Cloud


Reviewer-only users do not appear in your Organization's Bulk Operations screen, which your library administrator uses to activate or deactivate library users. Use the Author-it Cloud Portal to access this screen.

Activating and deactivating reviewer-only users

The reviewer-only users are activated when they are assigned to a review, and deactivated when all the reviews they participate in are completed.

Behaviors for the reviewer-only role

  • A user is defined as reviewer-only if they are assigned the reviewer role and don't have any other roles assigned.
  • All reviewer-only users remain disabled (inactive) until they are allocated to a review.
  • An inactive reviewer-only user is any user who has only been assigned to the reviewer role and is not allocated to a current review.
  • An active reviewer-only user only becomes active when allocated to a review.

The Author-it Cloud Portal displays a list of all active and inactive reviewer participants on the Organization page.

  • The Reviewer Participants panel provides a list of inactive and active reviewer-only users. The list is read-only, because assigning users to a review only happens in the Reviews module.