What's been improved or fixed? - Cloud

Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where you would create a review, but Author-it Cloud provided the message "Could not create the review/approval". The correct message is now consistently provided.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't import XML when you set the import to map character styles to a new object.
  • Linked images now retain their original size after being published in a project that resizes them. In 2022.R3.0, if you created a linked image, specified a different size for an output then published to that output, the image would be incorrectly resized in Files. For example, if a linked image was resized to 70% for Web, then you published to a web output, the image you linked to would be resized to 70% in Files.
  • The ruler at the top of topics now shows whole numbers when you zoom in or out, instead of decimals.