What's been fixed or improved? - Cloud

Release Notes

In this release our team has been laser-focused on product improvements, but we always make time to fix bugs that will improve the speed and capability of your Author-it experience:

Cross-references to hyperlinks

Some users were having issues with creating multiple cross-references when using Contribute. Inserting a cross-reference to an existing hyperlink is now more stable, especially for libraries with many cross-references.

File object names

File objects containing a % in their filename were failing to load in some published HTML outputs. This is now working correctly.

Saving topics

We’ve fixed a bug that was producing a 'Failed to lock an object' error for some users when trying to save a topic.

Release states

Incorrect release states were being assigned to some file objects. This problem has been resolved, so that new file objects are automatically assigned the correct default release state.

Translation of the user interface

Oui! We’ve updated the French translation of the UI across applications to be more accurate and consistent. Merci beaucoup to one of our major French clients who assisted with this work.

Downloading error

A bug was causing a file download to stop if you clicked on the download link again before your previous download was ready. This has now been corrected.

Administrators - prompt on new user set-up screen

No one wants to lose data unexpectedly. When you are setting up a new user, you will now get a prompt before closing the screen, to prevent you canceling this process by accident.