Magellan makeover, improved theme configuration - Cloud

Release Notes

Our base theme has been polished and modernized, and theming has been improved significantly to simplify and streamline theme creation.

The Magellan core application and default theme have been separated from any theme of content stying that you perform. Choose and tweak a theme, do the fine detailing with css. Your styles are now separate from the defaults of the Magellan engine so there is no conflict when upgrading.

  • The stylesheets have been redesigned to enable Theming
  • Tables use the formatting applied to them in the Author-it topic, users can control table styling with CSS


  • Magellan Engine separated from User Editable Themes
  • Additional class names added to tables in Magellan and ProCSS
  • Magellan Dependencies reviewed, unused JS Libraries and CSS heve been removed

Bug fixes

  • Glossary popups follow object settings correctly in Magellan
  • Index entries are published as keywords in Magellan/Resolved XML
  • Footer Topic order is preserved in Magellan
  • Image popup can be disabled in Magellan
  • Complete removal of the menu and logo/header in Magellan now possible
  • Topics which have the "Do not show" in the in contents property of the Help tag are not in the output in Magellan
  • Merged tables remain merged in Magellan output