June 2020 — AIT2020.R2 - Cloud

Release Notes

Change Summary

For our second Author-it release this year we continued our focus on:

  • Streamlining and enhancing the authoring experience
  • Improving the quality and capability of our outputs

We also added some major new features.

  • Magellan – Complete style sheet and theme redo, many bugs & issues corrected and a number of new capabilities added.
  • Review Previews – Define automatically created and updated previews for a review based on the publishing profile of your choice. This can be defined in Review and in Contribute when the review is created. Reviewers can then choose to display the preview side-by-side as they are reviewing the topics to see what the final output looks like. It works with any output a browser can display, but with Magellan and ProCSS, it auto-synchronizes the output with the topics in Review.
  • Multi-select Metadata Assignments – make a multi-select variable and assign multiple values to an object.
  • Metadata Search – New search criteria allows you to select any metadata value based on single and multiple select LOV type variable to filter search results. Results can be set to any or all values selected.
  • Combined Publishing Prompt –Individual publishing prompts for variant, variables, and review history have been combined into a simpler, single prompt.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.

Important: Publishing filter rules now apply to all objects.

In previous releases the rules only applied to topics in the book, but now they apply to all objects used by a book including templates, styles etc. Therefore if exclusion rules are being used during publishing correct status management of all objects must be enforced.