Enhancements - Cloud: 2023.R4

Release Notes

  • With the end of Flash support by Adobe, we have now completely removed Flash from all applications. You will see little or no differences to screen displays or operation.
  • Improvements have been made in the way changes to pre-defined system styles are managed to prevent duplicate system styles.
    • System-styles cannot be renamed.
    • New and updated styles are now prevented from having exactly the same description as the pre-defined system styles.
  • The Author Book Generator has undergone a considerable overhaul to improve the way it processes information, and how efficiently this is done.
  • In Author, XML files exported from earlier versions of Author-it can now be imported into a later version, even if the XML schema has changed between versions.
  • In Magellan, external website links included in Landing Page footer elements now open the website directly. To achieve this, landing page footer topics must contain a single external website link.