Bug Fixes - Cloud

Release Notes


  • Books without a Landing Page Rotator topic now include and format the Content Page topics correctly on publish.
  • On the landing page, the behaviour of hypertext links set to `open in new window`is now updated so that links to topics within the Magellan site are opened in the same browser tab, and links to external websites open in a new browser tab.
  • Searches in Arabic or Japanese content now return expected results.
  • The LinkedIn icon for sharing content is now operating as a clickable link.
  • Publishing now continues when a topic has a File name on the Web tab that includes a #. The # is removed from the File name.
  • Table of contents and breadcrumbs loading in sites where the object ids in the published book are very high numbers (into the millions) are now loading and operating correctly.
  • Glossary objects set to `Create links for the first occurrence of a definition in each topic`in web outputs no longer add glossary term links to the first occurrence of the term if the text already has another link applied.
  • Index entries structured with a parent/child hierarchy now retain the hierarchy in the published index.
  • Index navigation letters are now shown in bold when index entries for that letter exist.
  • Indexes set to include `Hypertext links`in web outputs now use the target topic web heading or description name as the index entry.
  • Magellan sites published from books without a Glossary and Index no longer show JavaScript errors in the site Developer Tools.
  • Hyperlinks are now correctly behaving as web links, as defined on the Web tab of Hyperlink objects.
  • Popuponclick and popuponhover links included in the target topic of an expanding block link now appear and behave as expected within the expanded text.
  • When a topic containing a video file object is the target for a popuponclick, popuponhover, expanding block or expanding inline link type, the video is now included in the published output, and displays on link opening.
  • Alternate text added to the Web tab of file objects is now included in the output.
  • Width values entered on the Web tab of file objects for sizing videos, audio files and external content are now included in the Magellan published files and applied on opening.
  • The Magellan version number displayed on the site Help page now shows correctly when loading the site in IIS locally.
  • Vulnerabilities identified in some JS library versions used by Magellan are now fixed, with more current versions used.
  • Safari users on iphones should now see improved performance and operation.


  • Find and replace now functions correctly when the find term wraps to a new line.
  • On closing a book, the save reminder message now also includes the number of topics inserted and removed.
  • Adjustments made to columns in the Hypertext Links tab of a Hyperlink object are now saved provided the Save Windows Positions option is selected in the Author-it Options.
  • Text is now saved correctly in nested table cells when topics include more than one nested table.
  • SVG images used in file objects retain clarity in published outputs.
  • Book publishing to a web output no long fails when the book includes an SVG file that is scaled to less than 10% in the file object.
  • When using Author-it in a non-English environment with the user interface translated, the window for selecting metadata when using the metadata search filter now correctly displays the `All criteria` and `Any criteria`options.


  • The list of users shown in the review creation form when choosing review participants, editors, approvers and signers, now shows only users with the Review, Contributor or Author role assigned.
  • All signers in an approval review can now still complete their sign-off after one signer has rejected the review.
  • Editors can now accept and reject review suggestions in topics that have already been moved to the editorial state.


  • Editing and saving a topic in Contribute that uses a variable in the topic description/heading, now correctly shows the variable name in the heading when viewed in Author, rather than the variable XML code.
  • Contribute now opens as expected when switching between libraries in a multi-library environment.
  • The user roles shown in the Contribute Update User screen and under the Home Page User Access are now synchronized.


  • Index heading entries with no target topic are now included in translation jobs.
  • Second-level index entries in a non-translation release state (where translation release states are used) are no longer causing a translation job to fail.
  • The book modified date shown in the Create Translation Jobs window in Localize is now synchronized with the Author Library Explorer modified date.
  • Related Topic groups using Specific Links with defined target topics are now added to new locale variant topics on Localize job creation.
  • Localize On-Premises: licenses are now released when a user closes the browser without first logging out of Localize.


  • Library administrators, who are not library users, can now be defined with access to the Author-it cloud administration functions only.


  • On book publish, linked file objects with missing source SVG or EPS files are replaced with a placeholder in the topic. Author-it no longer tries to convert this placeholder to the source format, which caused a publishing error. The publish Log now records that the image is missing and that it cannot be converted.
  • Logged-in users can now download published outputs from the publishing completed notification email link.


  • The Documents folder under `My Files` is now always created for all new users added to the cloud using the new user settings in Contribute.

Cloud Home Page

  • In the AIT Applications section of the home page, the Help option is now shown separated from the application options.