Bug Fixes - Cloud

Release Notes


  • Users opening a Magellan site using the site URL directly in a browser, or the open link from the successful publish email notification, must now always identify themselves as the publishing user to see the site, by entering their Author-it login credentials.
  • Default values for recently-added site configuration elements in the Magellan engine siteconfig.json file are now set as:
    • "header":

      "showLevels": "1"

    • "scroll":

      "desktop": "infinite"

    • "toc":

      "expanded": false,

      "showLevels": "all",

      "contextMenuLevels": "all"

    • footer:

      "content": "false"

  • An unexpected white border obscuring content at the base of the landing page and content page is no longer shown.


  • The mute audio control for youtube videos in file objects is now correctly included in the source URL.
  • The error message displayed when youtube video source URLs fail validation is now more informative with samples of valid URLs.


  • For topics moved to editorial, the discussion pane with reviewer comments is now correctly hidden/shown using the Discussions button.


  • The file object template specified when creating a new file object in Contribute is now assigned correctly.
  • Deleting a publishing job in the Contribute Publishing tab now removes only the selected publishing job, folder and files.


  • History Comments saved to changed objects, which are added as values to the < HISTCOMMENT> variable for the object, are now excluded from Localize jobs.


  • Contributor users are now correctly notified of failed and canceled publishing jobs.

Cloud Portal

  • Author-it now always sends a welcome email whenever a new or existing user is (re)activated through the allocation of a licence.