Author-it Release 7.1 - Cloud

Release Notes

Welcome to the Author-it 7.1 release.

Important: Author-it On Premises 7.1 requires .Net 4.8 or higher. This must be downloaded separately.

Author-it On Premises is now 64-bit, older versions should be un-installed prior to installing this release.

Upgrading of the Author-it installation means that the SQL database will also need to be upgraded. This upgrade means that it will no longer be compatible with previous versions of Author-it. We recommend performing User Acceptance Testing in a test environment with a backup of your production library prior to installing in the production environment.

All plugins must be recompiled. See information below for details.

General Notes

These release notes apply to Author-it version 7.1.

  • This release adds FIPS compliance and works on Windows 10 with Secure Host Baseline (SHB).
  • Due to changes in Oracle Licensing compilation of JaveHelp and Oracle Help for Java has been removed from this release. If you require these outputs we recommend not upgrading to 7.1, if this is of concern to you please log a support ticket.
  • While Jet libraries are no longer supported (since 6.0) if you are still using one you will need to install an update to the Microsoft Access database engine before you will be able to open your library. You can download the Microsoft update here. Once thing to watch out for here is it needs to be the 64bit version of the Microsoft Access database engine, which also means you need to have the 64bit version of office installed. If you have the 32bit version of office installed, you will need to change to the 64bit version to be able to continue using Jet.


Problem: After deploying Author products to 7.1 some of the plugins may fail to load or work.

Reason: The word “Authorit” has been changed to “AuthorIT” in the code to keep consistency in all Author-it products:

  • “Authorit Framework” assembly changed to “AuthorIT.Framework” i.e. “Authorit Framework.dll” changed to “AuthorIT.Framework.dll”.
  • "AuthoritExtensibility" assembly changed to "AuthorIT.Extensibility" i.e. "AuthoritExtensibility.dll" changed to "AuthorIT.Extensibility.dll".

Resolution: Open the plugin’s project with Visual Studio:

  • Remove the reference to “Authorit Framework” and add a reference to “AuthorIT.Framework.dll”
  • Remove the reference to "AuthoritExtensibility.dll" and add a reference to “AuthorIT.Extensibility.dll”
  • Developers may see errors starts showing in Visual studio Error list tab, try to change the word “Authorit” to “AuthorIT”, “Authorit Framework” to “AuthorIT.Framework”, and "AuthoritExtensibility" to "AuthorIT.Extensibility" in the code wherever the error shows.
  • Rebuild the plugin.

Note:“AuthorIT.Framework.dll” and "AuthorIT.Extensibility.dll" can be found in the Author installation folder.

Change Summary


  • Newly created Release States now save correctly when the UI is set to languages other than English.
  • Hypertext links now correctly resolve the anchor text to the heading instead of the description when publishing to Resolved XML. When publishing to Resolved XML while using hypertext links using the synchronize anchor text with headings setting now correctly resolves the heading (instead of the description).
  • WHen publishing to PDF ProCSS, page numbers are now correctly published for hypertext links when the topic heading is not included.
  • When scaling images in a File Object the preview now dynamically resizes to match.
  • Pasting into the heading field of a topic now pastes correctly when selecting the text from right to left.
  • The image Preview now displays correctly in a File Object upon opening.


  • Translation jobs no longer fail to export when including linked or embedded file objects.