Author-it Release 7.0 - Cloud

Release Notes

Welcome to the Author-it 7.0 release.

Important: Author-it On Premises 7.0 requires .Net 4.8 or higher. This must be downloaded separately.

Author-it On Premises is now 64-bit, older versions should be un-installed prior to installing this release.

Upgrading of the Author-it installation means that the SQL database will also need to be upgraded. This upgrade means that it will no longer be compatible with previous versions of Author-it. We recommend performing User Acceptance Testing in a test environment with a backup of your production library prior to installing in the production environment.

General Notes

These release notes apply to Author-it version 7.0.

  • This release addresses approximately 200 ticketed issues and improvements. If you have logged a ticket which has been addressed by this release our Support team will contact you via that ticket to confirm its was resolved.
  • The Editorial phase of the review process has been moved from the old IE11 only Contribute into Author.
  • A new modern browser independent version of Contribute targeted at non-technical users is now available.
  • Author is now 64bit, so if using plugins these must be recompiled to be 64-bit compatible.
  • While Jet libraries are no longer supported (since 6.0) if you are still using one you will need to install an update to the Microsoft Access database engine before you will be able to open your library. You can download the Microsoft update here. Once thing to watch out for here is it needs to be the 64bit version of the Microsoft Access database engine, which also means you need to have the 64bit version of office installed. If you have the 32bit version of office installed, you will need to change to the 64bit version to be able to continue using Jet.

Change Summary

Cloud Portal

  • Redesigned the landing page.
  • Added a new list of recently published books, then you can view or edit directly from the Home page.
  • Fixed an issue where not all listed symbols were accepted in the password field.
  • Improved user management.


  • Several user interface enhancements including new icons, logos and colour scheme.
  • Fixed an issue where renaming folders could result in Author closing.
  • Can now use Delete, CTRL+X and CTRL+V while renaming folders.
  • Can now use up and down arrow keys to navigate within folders and search results, and preview components.
  • The sys_publish_filename variable now resolves correctly when used for PDF publishing.
  • Fixed an issue where quotes in variant criteria could result in XML export/import failing.
  • When searching for specific variant criteria, non matching objects could sometimes be returned, this has been fixed.
  • When removing variant criteria from locale variants not all information was correctly removed, this has been fixed.
  • Empty Related Topics groups will no longer publish.
  • The re-translate flag is now correctly updated when an index object is modified.
  • A new search field has been added to allow users to search by re-translation status (the re-translate flag).
  • Resolved XML publishing now includes only objects related to the book being published.
  • Expanding Block type hyperlinks now publish correctly to PDF ProCSS.
  • Further fixes related to Windows 10 Update 1803 for incorrectly displayed fonts.
  • Further fixes for a problem where images were not included in Word publishing for some versions of Office 365 update 1807.
  • The 'remove from book' icon in the Book menu has been moved to help prevent accidental removal of content.
  • Expanding block hyperlinks to variant topics could result in circular reference errors during publishing, this has been fixed.
  • Improved logging for command line publishing.
  • Improved auditing for deleted objects, Deleted objects will be logged in the [DELETED] table, and references to deleted objects will not be removed from the [OBJT_HISTORY] table.
  • Improved password storage in the database, it now uses an irreversible SHA256 hash.
  • When publishing to Resolved XML, prompt before publishing variables are now resolved correctly.
  • You can now edit variant information for multiple objects at once.
  • Primary variants (with the blue icon) are now correctly filtered during publishing.
  • Performance improvements for large libraries with many locales (folders now load much faster).
  • When reverting History on Read Only objects a new object would be created in the root level of the library, this has been fixed.
  • Publishing content using multi-select variants with a fall back path now works correctly.
  • When minimizing an object window the main Author window would also minimize, this has been fixed.
  • Using 'Alt Gr+a' or 'Alt+ctrl+a' could result in the content of a topic being deleted, this has been fixed.
  • In Cloud, Books could only be minimized if they were already fully maximized, this has been fixed.


  • Images used in the headers and footers for notification emails now display correctly.
  • When editing a review containing variant filtering the variant information was lost, this has been fixed.
  • Review History is now available to view within both Author and Review.
  • Review licensing consumption has been improved.


  • Localize job filter names are now sorted alphabetically.
  • When editing the name of a locale fails, a clear explanation is now presented.


  • Indexing has been improved for large libraries.