Opening workspaces - Cloud

Navigate Author-it Cloud

After logging in you can launch Library, Publishing, Review, Translations, Files or Author (your workspaces) from the Primary navigation.

If you navigate directly to one of these workspaces by using a link or by typing the address in the browser, the following occurs:

  • If you are currently logged in to Author-it Cloud, the workspace opens without requesting that you log in again.
  • If you are not currently logged in to Author-it Cloud, you'll be redirected to the Author-it Cloud login page. After logging in you'll be returned to the corresponding workspace page. No additional log in is required.
  • If you close the Author-it Cloud window without logging out, you'll remain logged in to Author-it Cloud and all workspaces until you return to Author-it Cloud's home page and log out, or until your session times out.
  • If you log out of Author-it Cloud, you'll be automatically logged out of all other Author-it workspaces currently running.

Note: The desktop app for Author may request your username or password.

As you move between workspaces, there are three places that indicate which workspace you are using:


The url reflects the workspace. This reflects the language you are using.

Primary navigation

The Primary navigation the workspace you are in will be a darker grey with an orange line to the left.

Control bar

The Control bar indicates the workspace, and if you are in the quick-editing mode Book editor it also indicates which book you have open in quick-editing mode.

Screenshot Control bar browser and nav selection