Define locales in the site configuration - Cloud


For a site with multiple variants, you need to define your publications and applicable metadata.

To set up a site with multiple variants:

  1. Open the themeconfig.json file (your customized version of the siteconfig.json file) in a text editor.
  2. Navigate to "locales".

    You need to define your publications, organized per locale.

  3. For every locale, add a copy of the {"loc_id":..."path":"sub_site"}]} section. For example.

  4. Separate the sections with a comma (,). See the example.

  5. Define for every locale:
    • loc_id: must be a unique (integer) number per locale
    • loc_description: an internal name for the locale
    • loc_google: this is used for automatic translation of your Magellan site using the Google translation API with a purchased API key. This Magellan feature is currently in Beta and will be fully supported in a future release. Leave at its current setting.
    • loc_ait: the locale code that Author-it Localize uses.

    • loc_label: this is internal and is not currently used in the application.
    • loc_language: the language name as it shows in the Magellan language selector. Example values include 'English', 'Deutsch', 'Fran├žais'.
    • filter_labels: here you define metadata to get specific variants in the output. If you only use locale variants, skip the filter labels.
    • publications: links to the specific path where your publication is stored.