Create a new Magellan site - Cloud


Each Magellan site is a book based on a specifically-configured Magellan book template.

To create a new Magellan site:

  1. Create a new book based on the Magellan Template by choosing: Book > New > Magellan > Magellan Template

    The name of your Magellan template may be different.

  2. The Create New Book template shows all the objects already added to the book.

    These may be all the topics needed to create the Landing Page, or the template may be set up differently.

  3. In the Book Title field, enter the Magellan site name. This shows on the site landing page.
  4. Leave all the settings as they are and click Next.
  5. If present, choose values for the listed variables for this book.
  6. Click Create New Book.

    The book is created and opened.