Add a custom theme to the library (administrator only) - Cloud


After you have created the theme folder you must add it to the < Theme> variable in the library so it is available for selection when you publish a Magellan book.

This is an Author-it Administrator task.

To add a custom theme to the library:

  1. Go to File > Manage Variables to open the variable list.
  2. Double-click the < Theme> variable to open it.

    The variable default settings window opens.

  3. In the Value field, click the [...] button to open the list of themes already defined for the variable.
  4. Select a theme after which you want to place your new theme and click Add.

    An empty line appears.

  5. Enter the exact name of the folder that you have created in the Templates\Magellan Themes folder.
  6. Click OK and close all dialog boxes.