Variable types - Cloud


Author-it provides four types of variables for you to use in your topics. The Text, List of Values, and File Object variables are created and defined by your Library's Security Administrator.

  • Text Ideal for storing text that appears regularly in your documents. Text variables may be a string of any characters up to 2,000 characters long.
  • List Of Values Similar to Text variables, except that you can choose from a list of preset character strings, each up to 255 characters long.
  • File Object Used for Author-it File objects. Commonly used for adding logos and graphics.
  • System Produces standard system information such as the time, the date, or the name of the user currently logged on.

Note: In Author-it Cloud, variables are created in the Author module by your Library's Security Administrator. They are used in content or assigned to objects in both the Author and quick-editing mode modules.