User roles - Cloud


Roles determine the functions a user can perform in the library. The roles a user can be assigned are:

  • Security Administration (Also known as Administrator or Library Administration): Manages users and permissions across Author-it.
  • Author: Creates and maintains content in the Library by using the Author or quick-editing mode directly from the Primary navigation.
  • Contributor: Creates and maintains content in the Library using Author-it Cloud.
  • Reviewer: Users who are not necessarily Authors but need to participate in a Review. They will only have access to Review.
  • Localizer: Participates in the content localization process by using Translations.

Group Administrator: can create new users, update current users and invite those users to be a member of groups that they are an administrator for. Administrators can assign Group Administrators in Settings.

Screenshot - Settings-user groups-roles highlighted

Assigning users to roles

Users are assigned to roles by selecting the check box next to the role name. Users can inherit a role from the group to which they are assigned (the check box is selected in the User Group screen), or they can be assigned a role in the Users screen for any non-inherited roles.

When a user is assigned the Security Administration or Localizer roles, they are automatically assigned the Author role. If either the Security Administration or Localizer roles are removed from the user, the Author role stays selected until it is explicitly removed by the library's Security Administrator.

Security Administration role

The library must have at least one user assigned to the Security Administration role. If you deactivate the one active Administrator, the system logs you out and prevents you from logging back in. You will receive a warning message from the system before being allowed to do this.

Role selection examples for groups and users

In the example below:

  • The Author role is selected by means of group membership in the Editors group. It is grayed out (read-only), and can only be changed by removing or changing the group membership. See User groups - create and assign users for more information.
  • The Reviewer role is selected manually.