Opening Author in desktop or browser mode - Cloud


You can work in Author using Desktop mode (remote desktop connection) or Browser mode.

After you have selected Author on the Primary navigation you will be presented with a dialog box giving you two options:

Screenshot - choose how to open Author

How to open in Browser mode

Open in Browser opens Author directly into your browser. Choose this mode if you want to quickly switch between Author and other parts of the application.

  1. Click on the Open in Browser button to open.

How to open in Desktop mode

Open in Desktop downloads a file to enable you to work in desktop mode. Choose the desktop mode if you want to work across multiple monitors and have lots of windows open.

  1. Select Open on Desktop.

Screenshot - choose how to open Author open on desktop

2. A Remote Desktop Connection file is downloaded onto your computer. To open this, either:

  1. A pop-up dialog box will ask you if you want to open or save the Remote Desktop Connection file. Select Open.
  2. If no dialog box appears, go to your computer Downloads folder and click on the Remote Desktop Connection file. The dialog box appears. Select Open.


    4. You will be asked for a email address/username and password. This dialog box may look different, depending on your computer's operating system.

    Screenshot - entering PIN number for RDP connection

    5. Go back to your open Author-it dialog box.

    5. Select Click to reveal password.

Screenshot - choose how to open Author password

6. Copy this name and password.

7. Insert into your Remote App dialog box.

8. Select Connect or OK in your Remote App window.

7. The RemoteApp Starting... window opens. Wait for the application to load

8. Your company's Library opens.

Note: If you're not an authorized user, the following message displays: An authentication error has occurred. The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted.

If you cannot access the remote desktop, check with your IT department to ensure your firewall allows access to downloading these sorts of files.