Folder action permissions - Cloud


Folder action permissions determine which actions a user can perform with the objects in a particular folder. For example, all users may only be able to create or edit books in a particular folder, or certain users may be able to edit a particular type of object, but not delete it.

Usually implemented for groups rather than individuals

Folder actions are usually implemented for groups of users, rather than individual users. Think particularly about which roles in your team involve setting and managing standards, and which roles should not be allowed to do so.

Restricted access

To ensure consistency of standards across your team, you should restrict access to certain types of objects, including styles or topic templates.

Grant folder action permissions to work with restricted objects only to senior staff who are responsible for setting and managing standards. To do this, keep the restricted access objects in a separate folder or folders, apart from the open-access objects.

Inheriting folder action permissions

When you create a new folder, it will inherit the folder action permissions that apply to its parent folder. You can change these later, if necessary.