Create and update users - Cloud


To create a new user:

  1. Select Create new User; the Create new User window opens.
  2. Complete the fields as required. Please note the following requirements:
    • Avoid creating a user with a single name, because the entry is added to the user list in Author-it Cloud but the user cannot be.
    • Avoid using middle names or double first names (such as Sarah Jane). This can cause issues with the login credentials.
    • First name/last name combination and Email address must be unique.

Note: The Copy from field enables the administrator to easily apply the settings of an existing user to the new user.

  1. Select Create User; the window closes and the new user is added to the database.

  2. If the new user is a cloud administrator:
    1. Return to the Cloud portal tab and refresh the tab so that the new user appears in the Users list.
    2. Find the new user in the list and select Edit.

    3. Select 'Is client administrator'.
    4. There is no need to change anything in the Clients field.
    5. Select Save.

To update a user:

  1. Click on a user in the user list; the Update User window opens.
  2. Make changes to the user as necessary.
  3. Select Update User.