Add or remove folder permissions - Cloud


Adding and removing permissions for a user or group is similar for both Folder Actions and Release States. You may need to add a Release State before you can add permissions for objects which use that State. Your library's security administrator manages any changes to permissions.

To add or remove permissions:

  1. Open the library in Author, and then select File > Folder Action Permissions.

    The Folder Action Permissions window opens.

  2. Select the user or group whose permissions you want to change.

    Group Folder Permissions

    Existing permissions for that user or group display as checks.

    For users, any blue checks are inherited from a group to which the user belongs. To remove this type of permission, you must either change the group's permissions or remove the user from that group.

    User Folder Permissions

  3. Add or remove permissions for each folder. You can always come back and add them later if you miss any.

    Tip: Hover over any check box to see its folder and permission combination.

    • To add permissions, select the check box.
    • To remove permissions, clear the check box.

      Note: When you add or remove permissions, others may automatically be added or removed at the same time.

    • To add or remove selections with multiple folders or actions, select the folder or action, and then right-click and choose from the menu options.

      Selection Options

  4. Click Apply or OK to save your changes.