Synchronize topic heading & hyperlink anchor text option

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

Anchor text for a hyperlink automatically synchronizes to the heading of the target topic. With this option set, when the target topic's heading changes, the anchor text used for the hyperlink updates automatically.

Synchronizing Hyperlinks and Topic Headings


  • This option should only be used when the hyperlink anchor text is meant to synchronize with the topic's heading.

  • Avoid using this option when you want your anchor text to be different thatn the topic's heading.

  • This option is applied when the Hyperlink object uses a single target topic.

  • This option is not applied when the target is a URL, or when publishing to the Windows Help format.

The "synchronize anchor text" check box

The check box for this option is found on the Hypertext Links tab of the Hyperlink object.

Hyperlink Sychronize Anchor Text

For example:


Target topic heading

Synchronize anchor text-selected



The hyperlink wording and the target topic heading are always the same, even when the target topic heading changes.

Synchronize anchor text-UNselected


changed to Library Objects

The hyperlink wording does not change when the target topic heading changes.

Topic headings

The following behavior occurs when you update the target topic's heading. You can update the topic's heading while the topic is open in the Editor, or you can open the topic's Properties window:

  • Topic properties - General tab: you can update the description in the Hypertext Links tab, and then use the refresh button to update the headings for all outputs.

    Topic Properties General Tab Description

  • Topic properties - Print tab: update the heading in the Print tab - the anchor text for print outputs is updated.

  • Topic properties - Web tab: update the heading in the Web tab - the anchor text for HTML-based outputs is updated. For example, HTML and XHTML pages, HTML Help, DITA, JavaHelp and Oracle Help, and Web Help.

    Topic Properties Heading

You can display the different media views (either print or web) by right-clicking the topic in the Editor and choosing View File Objects > Show Print Pictures or Show Web Pictures, and then opening a topic.