New embedded or linked File objects

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

This page describes the fields in the Insert Picture dialog box. Use this option to add an image as a new embedded or new linked File object.

Note: If a File object for the image already exists in the library choose the option to insert an existing File object.

The Insert Picture dialog box displays the following fields when it is opened:

  • Description: the name used to identify the file object.

  • Based on Template: the template used to assign the appropriate properties to the new file object. The template chosen also determines the fields displayed in the Insert Picture dialog box. For example, an embedded template provides functionality to browse to the image's location, and a Linked URL template displays the File Path and File Name fields.

  • Picture Source: the Picture Source field is automatically filled when a template is chosen.

  • Depending on the Picture Source you choose you'll see the following options:

    • Embedded: browse to the location of the image you'll insert. The image will be stored in the database.

    • Link to File System: uses the File Path (pointing to the folder where the image is stored) and its File Name.

    • Link to URL (http://...): uses the URL address location of the image and its File Name.

    Insert new image

Inherited values

Each object has settings or properties which tell Quick-Editing Mode how that object behaves. Objects are usually based on an object template, and they inherit some of their settings from the template. Depending on how the template is created, the inherited settings may or may not be changed. When the value in any of the fields (such as a file path or file name) is displayed in black text, the field can be changed or updated. If the value in any field is gray it means the setting has been inherited, based on the chosen template, and cannot be changed. For example, when you choose a linked template, you'll notice that the Image Source and File Path settings are inherited.

The Image Source drop-down list is only available when the file object is not based on a template (that is, when the Based on Template field shows [None]). If no template is chosen all fields must be completed manually.