Hyperlinks in Quick-Editing Mode

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

One of the key features of Help and Web document formats is the ability to link from one topic to another, and to external files and web pages. A hyperlink is made of three components:

  1. The source of the link, or Hotspot, inserted into a topic. This tells which text to link from.

  2. The Hyperlink object, this tells Quick-Editing Mode how the link will behave, including whether to make the link into a jump or a pop-up, etc.

  3. The target topics or external files. You can have many targets for each link. You can create a hyperlink which has targets in many books, and then reuse it in many different documents. For internal jumps, when you publish your document's outputs, only jumps to topics within the same document are included.

    Note: Quick-Editing Mode supports having an internal jump target of a whole topic, rather than specific text within the topic. If you want to link to subheadings, you'll need to break topics into separate sub-topics.

Using Quick-Editing Mode's Editor you can create new hyperlinks, edit existing hyperlinks, and reuse existing hyperlinks.