Drag to create File objects

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

Drag an object into a topic to import a single graphic, or batch import a group of graphics into your library to quickly create File objects. After creating the File object, drag it into your topic, or insert it from the thumbnail(s).

Note: If selecting multiple images, they must all be of the same file format. The settings you choose in the Create File Objects window apply to all File objects created during the batch import.

  • To create a File object by using drag-and-drop:

  1. Select a graphic file or files, and drag-and-drop the file(s) into any folder object list in the library explorer. You can choose the folder where the objects are created.

    The Create File Objects window opens.

  2. Complete the settings for the new File objects:

    • If you are importing a single graphic, give the File object a name or accept the default <File Title> description. If you're importing multiple graphics, accept the default <File Title> description and will Author name the File objects by using the name of the existing image file.

    • Select the template you want to apply to all of the File objects, and the folder where you want to store the Ffile objects.

  3. Click OK to create and save each File object.