Create a hyperlink by using drag-and-drop

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

When working in the Editor, you can quickly create and apply hyperlinks by using drag-and-drop. When links are created by using this method, Author names the Hyperlink object by using the target topic's description.

  • To create a hyperlink using drag-and-drop

  1. Select the source text in your current topic.

  2. In the book contents or Library Explorer, locate the topic you want to link to. Drag-and-drop the target topic onto the source text. A shortcut menu is displayed:

    • Click Link Using and select an existing link from the submenu. This option displays the existing Hyperlink objects that link to the target topic.


    • Click Create Link Using and select a template from the submenu. This option creates a new Hyperlink object to the target topic.

  3. Save the changes to your topic.