Adding a Linked URL Image

Graphics, external files, & hyperlinks

File objects contain the option to link graphics located on a web server. A copy of the linked image is then downloaded from the web server. The published output links to the downloaded copy, not the original web server location. Multiple departments can all link to a single file, ensuring the current file is available to everyone.

The Linked URL File option is located in each of the output tabs under the Source Type drop-down list. Graphics from a web server are included by simply adding the URL path to web server directory (containing the file), and adding the file's name.

Tip: If you are using multiple images from the web site, you can create a Linked URL File Object template to preset the Source type and the URL path.

  • To create a linked URL File object:

  1. Create new File object based on (none).

  2. Open an output tab (Print, Help, or Web) and select Linked URL File from the Source type drop-down list. The Directory field changes to an URL field.

  3. Add the pathway to the file in the URL path field, and then add the graphic's file name and extension in the Filename field (for example, 123.jpg).

    Linked URL File Object

  4. Select the Output type for the image.

  5. Update the remaining output tabs.

  6. Name the File object by adding a description on the General tab.

  7. Save the changes.