ToolbarAddArgs Class - Cloud - Author-it

Development Documentation

Provides properties that enable you to add a button plug-in to Author.

Example Code

The code below is shows an example of adding the button plug-in shown above.

public class PluginManager : IPlugin //Inherit from the IPlugin interface so Author can communicate with your plug-in


private AitApplicationProxy proxy; //Create a class-scoped field for the proxy

public PluginManager(AitApplicationProxy applicationProxy)


proxy = applicationProxy; //Set the field to the proxy passed to the plug-in

ToolbarAddArgs helloPluginButton = new ToolbarAddArgs(); //Initialize a new instance of the ToolbarAddArgs class

helloPluginButton.IconImage = Properties.Resources.debug_add_32; //Set the image to a resource in the assembly

helloPluginButton.OnClick = helloPluginButton_OnClick; //Set the OnClick event handler

helloPluginButton.PluginName = "Hello_Plugin"; //Set the unique name for the button

helloPluginButton.TargetButtonName = "Hello\r\nPlug-in"; //Set the display text for the button

helloPluginButton.TargetForm = TargetForm.BookEditor; //Set the form for the button

helloPluginButton.TargetGroupName = "Show"; //Set the ribbon group for the button

proxy.AddPluginToToolbar(helloPluginButton); //Use the proxy to add the button


private void helloPluginButton_OnClick(Object sender, AuthoritEventArgs e)


//Plug-in code goes here