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Development Documentation

A plug-in can be launched from one or more places in Author-it. You will need to create a new AddArgs class for each place that you wish the plug-in to be launched:

Set the launch point properties by creating a new AddArgs class, and then adding it to the proxy. This should be done inside the PluginManager constructor.


// Add plug-in button to main form toolbar

AuthoritExtensibility.ToolbarAddArgs buttonArgs = new ToolbarAddArgs();

buttonArgs.PluginName = "My Plugin";

buttonArgs.TargetForm = TargetForm.MainForm;

buttonArgs.TargetGroupName = "Web";

buttonArgs.TargetButtonName = "My \r\nPlug-in";

buttonArgs.Tooltip = "Click this button to start the plug-in";

buttonArgs.IconImage = Images.plugin_image;

buttonArgs.OnClick = clickHandler;



' Add plug-in button to main form toolbar

Dim buttonArgs As New ToolbarAddArgs

With buttonArgs

.PluginName = "My Plugin"

.TargetForm = TargetForm.MainForm

.TargetGroupName = "Web"

.TargetButtonName = "My " & vbCrLf & "Plug-in"

.Tooltip = "Click this button to start the plug-in"

.IconImage = My.Resources.plugin_image

.OnClick = AddressOf clickHandler

End With