Library Element - Cloud - Author-it

Development Documentation

The Library element specifies how the Server Application Programming Server connects to a library.


  • Alias - named reference for the library
  • Type - type of connection

    Note: The value of the Type attribute is always SqlServer

  • Server - database server name
  • Database - database that contains the Author-it library
  • TrustedConnection - value that specifies whether the database connection uses the Server Application Programming Server application user context to connect
  • LoginID - SQL username
  • Password - SQL password

Child Elements

The Library element has no child elements.

Parent Element


Below is an example of the Library element specifying a connection to a library hosted in a database named Ait_Sample1 on a SQL Server named SqlServer1.

<Library Alias="Sample1" Type="SqlServer" Server="SqlServer1" Database="Ait_Sample1" TrustedConnection="False" LoginID="ait1" Password="ait" />