Install and Configure the Author-it API Server Service - Cloud - Author-it

Development Documentation

When you install the Author-it API Server setup files you also install the Author-it API Server Windows service.

To Install the Author-it API Server and Start the Service:

  1. Run the Author-it API Server setup file and follow the prompts.

    During the installation, you'll be prompted for the service user credentials.

    Note: if the credentials are incorrect, the installation will not complete. If this occurs, check the credentials and run the installer again.

    Setting the Login for the API Service User

  2. After installation has completed successfully, open the properties for the Author-it API service, named "Author-it API Server". Set the service's Startup type to Automatic, then apply the change and start the service.

After you install and configure the Author-it API Server Service you can test your installation.

Service User

During installation, the installer automatically assigns credentials for the Author-it API Server service. You can create a local user on the server (as part of the Administrators group) or use a domain user with Administrator permissions. The following examples can be used for the username format:

Local user:.\[username] (for example, .\APIUser)

Domain user:[username]@[domain] (for example, aortha@Acme.local)