Event-Triggered Plug-ins - Cloud - Author-it

Development Documentation

An event-triggered plug-in is code that you run when Author fires an event. You add an event-triggered plug-in by using the AitEventAddArgs class.

You can use event-triggered plug-ins to combine information about events and business logic to perform additional actions in the Author-it library or cancel events based on your own criteria. You can also override some of the default Author forms and present your own user interface controls.

Implement an event-triggered plug-in for Author when you want trigger your code based on certain events in the Author module to support scenarios like the following.

  • Check the group membership for a user when the user logs in to Author.
  • Validate, and optionally cancel, the properties and content of an object when the user attempts to save the object.
  • Enable or disable a plug-in or part of the Author user interface when the user selects an object.