Deploying the Plug-in - Cloud - Author-it

Development Documentation

Once the plug-in code is finished you will need to deploy the plug-in to the users' machines.

Locate the Author-it Plug-ins folder. By default this is located at C:\Program Files\Author-it 5\Plugins. The location can be changed in Author-it Options form, on the File Locations tab. Create a sub-folder with the name of your plug-in.

Compile the plug-in dll. Copy the dll file to the plug-in folder.

If the plug-in uses the Author-it SDK you will also need to add the Authorit.API.dll. Depending on the functionality you have used within the API you will need to include other dlls. As a minimum you will need to include:

  • Authorit.API.dll
  • Author-it Framework.dll
  • log4net.dll