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Development Documentation

The APIServer.config file contains the configuration information for an installation of the Apache Server Application Programming Interface.

Note: Use the API Server Configuration Tool to edit the APIServer.config file.

Below is an example of the XML in the APIServer.config file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<APIServerConfig Version="1.0">


<Library Alias="Sample1" Type="SqlServer" Server="SqlServer1" Database="Ait_Sample1" TrustedConnection="False" LoginID="ait1" Password="ait" />

<Library Alias="Sample2" Type="SqlServer" Server="SqlServer2" Database="Ait_Sample2" TrustedConnection="False" LoginID="ait2" Password="ait" />


<TokenEncryption Key="123abcDEF_@@456;" />


<Endpoint Type="SOAP" Enabled="True" Secure="True" />

<Endpoint Type="JSON" Enabled="True" Secure="True" />

<Endpoint Type="ASP" Enabled="False" Secure="True" />

<Endpoint Type="TCP" Enabled="False" Secure="True" />


<RequiresApiToken />