Add a Context Menu Item to the Book Tree Context Menu - Cloud - Author-it

Development Documentation

Use the ContextMenuAddArgs class to add a book tree context menu item. The screen shot below shows a context menu item named Hello Plugin added to the context menu for the book editor tree.

Note: Adding a context menu item to the book editor tree also adds the context menu item to the object list.

The code below is shows an example of adding the context menu item plug-in shown above.

public class PluginManager : IPlugin


private AitApplicationProxy proxy; //Create a class-scoped field for the proxy

public PluginManager(AitApplicationProxy applicationProxy)


ContextMenuAddArgs helloContextItem = new ContextMenuAddArgs(); //Initialize a new instance of the ContextMenuAddArgs class

helloContextItem.IconImage = Properties.Resources.debug_add_16; //Set the image to a resource in the assembly

helloContextItem.OnClick = helloContextItem_OnClick; //Set the OnClick event handler

helloContextItem.PluginName = "Hello Plugin"; //Set the unique name (and display name) for the context item

proxy.AddPluginToObjectContextMenu(helloContextItem); //Use the proxy to add the context menu item


private void helloContextItem_OnClick(Object sender, AuthoritEventArgs e)


//Plug-in code goes here