Set headers & footers for each section of a document

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The headers and footers in your printed document output only appear once they're published, using Word's quick parts feature. Media objects define which headers or footers go with each section of your document. Each section may have a different header, although with Word's Fields feature, you can reuse headers throughout your document.

Under the Print tab > Headers tab there are three fields for Adding your Autotext entries for your First, Odd, or Even pages. The settings configured in these fields apply to this and all subsequent topics in the book structure until Author comes across a different media object at the top level of the structure.

To set a header for a document section:

  1. For the section of the document whose header you want to add or change, open the corresponding Media object assigned to the topic.
  2. In the Media object, go to Document >Headers.
  3. Click the name of the autotext/quick parts entry containing your header, for the First, Odd, and Even pages of the document section. These options are affected by other settings you've made:
    • If Different First Page is blank, the First option is not available.
    • If Different Odd and Even is blank, the Even option is not available.
  4. Save your changes to the Media object.