Paragraph and character styles

Design templates, styles, & page layouts

You control the appearance of the text in your topics by using styles. Applying a paragraph or character style changes the formatting of the selected paragraphs or characters to the defined style.

  • Paragraph styles are applied to an entire paragraph, and include alignment, indentation, and numbering, as well as character formatting like Bold or Italics. A paragraph style is the underlying style that applies to all content within a paragraph.
  • Character styles are applied to a range of characters, usually a word or two, and only control aspects of character formatting, like Bold or Italics. A character style is applied on top of the paragraph style to one or more selected characters and only changes character formatting properties.

The Style object contains the formatting attributes applied to content viewed in the Editor on the Style Definition tab. It also links to the style used in the Word publishing template, and defines attributes used in Help and Web outputs. However, some web outputs such as Author-it's Web Help use a separate cascading style sheet to control the style attributes applied to content.