Group paragraph & character styles

Design templates, styles, & page layouts

To make it easier to locate styles in the paragraph and character drop-down lists, group your style objects in subfolders according to their use.


The following rules determine how objects are listed:

  • When your library uses separate folders to organize your styles, the folders are listed in alphabetical order in the menu. When you select a folder, the styles stored in that folder are listed alphabetically in the submenu.
  • If you have multiple folders with the same name (for example, Body), then a single subfolder using that name is included in the menu. For example, if you have a Common Styles > Body folder and a Website Styles > Body folder, both Body folders are merged into one menu option.

    Users see objects according to their security permissions. If users don't have access to the Website Styles > Body folder, they see only the styles from Common Styles > Body. If users have access to both folders, they see a combined list of Body styles.