What are interactive assets and how they are managed in Author-it

Design guidelines for complex HTML5 assets in Author-it

Some examples of interactive assets include:

  • Audio or video, played remotely (eg. Vimeo or Widen), or downloaded to the device as part of the course
  • HTML5 animation or game
  • Web form
  • Data feed from an external web service (eg. graph, counter/timer etc)
  • Quiz
  • HTML5 application

A good summary could be "anything that can play in a browser" or "anything that we may previously have created in Adobe Flash" (.swf files are no longer supported by Author-it publishing).  In theory the asset can be adaptive/responsive, with some important considerations described below.

In Author-it an asset is managed as a single File Object, usually of type ‘LinkedHTML File Object’.  In this way all the code, media, folders, and files that are part of a single asset can be referenced easily by the Author-it user as a single Object in the Author-it workflow.