Recommended structure for an HTML5 asset

Design guidelines for complex HTML5 assets in Author-it

  1. The entire asset is collected in a single folder, and that folder has a unique name, such as "drivetrain_diesel_2017_ford_USA_F150_animation".
  2. Within that folder are contained the resources required to play the asset, such as images, javascript libraries, css, html and other files.  These resources can be contained within folders with non-unique names eg "images/" or "video/"
  3. Within the folder is a single .htm file to ‘call’ or open the asset in a browser, eg "index.htm" or "asset.htm"
  4. There should be no critical information (including references to jscript, css, etc) in the <head> tag of the html file.  For security Author-it will only use information in the <body> tag of the html file when managing and publishing the assets