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Creating WBT in Author-it Honeycomb

Creating the slide

To add one of these drag and drop items to a course:

  1. Create a topic based on the Knowledge Check Drag Drop Sequence template.
  2. Place the slide topic at Level 1 in the book contents.
  3. Add the question or introduction to the operation, using any style except Lists and special Honeycomb-related styles.
  4. Add content to the topic for each part of the sequence, in the correct order, and then apply the List Number style.

After you have entered all the required details in this topic, it should look like this example.

DAD sequence topic text

The previous topic would create the following drag and drop slide. If you apply the correct List style, the publishing process converts this simple text into the drag and drop format and randomizes the order.

DAD sequence70

Slide Operation

The learner drags and drops each row up or down, until the rows are in the correct order, then clicks a Submit button.

After two incorrect attempts, a Solution button displays, and the learner can click it to reveal the correct sequence.