Multiple choice - Cloud - Author-it

Creating WBT in Author-it Honeycomb

Author-it supports two types of multiple choice questions; those that have a single correct answer and those that have multiple correct answers. Both types have the same general steps, and they can include text and images.

Creating the slide

  1. Create a topic based on the Knowledge Check Multiple Choice Single Selection template or Knowledge Check Multiple Choice Multiple Selection template.
  2. Place the slide topic at Level 1 in the book contents.
  3. Add the question, using any style except Lists and special Honeycomb-related styles.
  4. Add several answers, each in a separate paragraph:


  1. Apply the style Answer Correct to indicate the right answers (one answer only for a Multiple Choice Single Selection question and several for a Multiple Choice Multiple Selection).
  2. Apply the style Answer Incorrect to indicate the wrong answers.

    Answer Correct shows text in green with a tick mark, and Answer Incorrect shows text in red.

    Author-it randomizes the order of the answers during the publishing process. For this reason, you should not use answers such as "All of the above" and "None of the above"; instead, use answers such as "All answers are correct" and "No answers are correct".

After you enter all the details in this topic, it should look like the example.