Course and module structure - Cloud - Author-it

Creating WBT in Author-it Honeycomb

This introductory module gets you started with the Author-it Honeycomb interface. The other eight modules describe all the functions and options available for creating Web-based training in Author‑it.

Each module includes:

  • Objectives for the module
  • Theory for the described element:
    • General steps for how to create it
    • Allowable content
    • General operation

      Read through this information to understand how it works.

  • Questions to check your knowledge: At the end of most modules, you will have some questions to check your knowledge.

The modules build upon one another, so for your first time through the course, be sure to complete the modules in order. You can do this in one sitting or in several sessions.

Course duration: 1 hour

Module duration: 1 hour